How to apply for extra registration time or urgency

In some cases you can apply for priority. For example extra registration time is possible, based on relationship break or Urgency.

Extra registration time (Extra inschrijfduur)

Do you have to leave your house because you and your partner are splitting up? And are you taking care of at least one under aged child? In that case you can apply for Extra inschrijfduur. We will fill up your registration time to the average of all registered applicants of Woning in Zicht, which will be valid for 1 year.

You can apply for Extra inschrijfduur if you:

1.       Have to leave your house because you and your partner have split up, and you;

2.       Take care of under aged children, and you;

3.       Are no longer divorced than 4 months, and you;

4.       Are registered shorter than 99 months.


You wish to get priority for a new place to live. You will only get granted Urgency if you are in a crisis situation and the new house is the only solution to the problem. For this, we have a number of strict requirements. If you do not meet the requirements, you do not apply for urgency. Therefore it is important that you read the form carefully and only apply for urgency if you indeed meet ALL the requirements. Should you not be able to read Dutch, we advise you to visit one of our corporations so they can explain the rules.

Examples of urgency NOT being the case

-        -  If you have to leave your house because you are separated from your partner (perhaps you can apply for Extra inschrijfduur).

-       -   If you need to move because of a physical limitation.

-        -  Because you are an inhabitant and you want to have your own independent place to live.

-       -   Because you are pregnant and with for your own or a bigger house.

If you meet all the requirements above, you can then fill out the application form.

How to apply for urgency?

-          If you can prove that you are in an immediate crisis situation who meets one of the following situations:

o   If you are the victim of serious, structural physical or mental violence or,

o   If you receive ‘Woonkostentoeslag’ from the municipality of Tilburg or,

o   If you need to sell your current house because of financial issues that have arisen outside of your responsibility


You are registered at Woning in Zicht and you do not have a blockage on your registration.

-        Your registration is shorter than 99 months (this is the average registration time in the ‘Aanbodmodel’. If you are registered for more than 80 months, you can apply for a house via the regular procedure.

-        You live independently or you have lived independently and are now forced to live with someone else.

-        Your (mutual) gross year income is maximum € 43.574,- per year.

If you meet all the requirements above, you can then fill out the application form.

Please note: within 1 week you will receive a confirmation. Did you not receive this, please send an e-mail to infourgentie-commissienl

Via e-mail je vraag stellen

Woning in Zicht is een digitaal loket. Voor vragen omtrent je inschrijving helpen we je graag via e-mail. Vul het contactformulier in als je een vraag hebt. 

Wij streven ernaar op werkdagen binnen 24 uur te reageren. 


Telefonisch of persoonlijk jouw vraag stellen

Wil je graag iemand (telefonisch) spreken? Dan kun je contact opnemen met een van de deelnemende corporaties: contactgegevens van de corporaties